August is hot and Greece a hot holiday destination ;)





August. In Greece, this is one of the most romantic months of the year. It is the month in which the temperatures sky-rocket, the majority of the population has holiday, the day Maria, the mother of Jesus, is buried and the time of year in which the moon is the closest to Earth.

Yes! August is hot. Literally and metaphorically.
During this month some of the highest temperatures of the year are reached. Sometimes even 45 degrees Celsius, especially in Athens. Fortunate are the people living on the islands as the breeze of the sea cools down the land and there is no chance for the heat to stay that long.

Although August is such a hot month, you now have the opportunity to visit Athens, the capital of Greece. Normally, this city is always crowded. At the moment 5 million people reside over there. Whilst the population of Greece is only 11 million. Literally, half the country is living on each other. This means that people living there come from other parts of the country and as soon as it is holiday period in Augus

mother of Jesus, Maria or Panajia is buried in her grave. Maria or Panajia is the most celebrated Saint in the Greek Orthodox church. On this day she is celebrated throughout all the islands and corners of the country. It is a very big and amazing festivity. People go to the church in the evening, the islands’ castles in the Cycladics light up, people celebrate, have panigiria (big festivities) and dance till the morning.

t, everybody sets off to their roots. As a result, the city is empty. All the boats to all the Greek islands in the Aegean and Ionic Sea are fully booked. There are traffic jams on all the exits of the city as everyone leaves the same days.

This is a very important period concerning the church and Greek traditions, as the 15th of August, the

You might question why she is also called Panajia? This means in Greek Wholy Saint. Aside to this, on the 15th of August all the women called Maria (which are many in Greece 😉 ), who are married, celebrate their name day. When a Saint dies for Jesus, everybody carrying his/her name on the specific day the Saint is celebrated they treat everyone with amazing Greek delicacies which you can find in Greek pastry stores, called the zacharoplastio. Maria is the only name day which is separated in married and unmarried women. The unmarried women celebrate their name day on the 21st of November. As soon as they get married, their name date changes.

Should you be in this period in Greece, do not miss out of those festivities. It is an experience to remember!

Full moon, hot, Greece, island hopping, tour, package, holiday, Greece packageAugust, a hot month literally and metaphorically too! Greeks celebrate the moon. We are fortunate with beautiful nature and we love the moon! We really do! Because we can see it so clearly in the sky. There are numerous songs written in awe of the moon. Great songs! Full of love and tenderness. Even if you do not speak Greek, you can really feel them. In general throughout the summer there are a lot of performances in open air theaters, cinema’s, music repertoires, concerts which are amazing to experience. They are full with romance. However, the evening in which there is a full moon there are many more performances arranged to entertain the public. It is even mentioned on the news. It is one of those magical evenings of the year you do not want to miss out.

This is a magnificent period of the year in Greece. Pure, full of love, romance, beauty of the summer and some refreshing breezes. Do you want to experience this to its fullest? Then we suggest you to pick a self drive trip by car or take a cruise package we offer on our website to the whitewashed islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Patmos and Rhodes. Enjoy every single minute of the greatness of Greece!

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