Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully of www.dottravel.eu, Travel Star Hellas Ltd., herein referred to as Dot Travel. It constitutes part of your contract for your tour and any related services. Contact us if you have any questions.
These terms & conditions apply to all tours/ products organized by Dot Travel (Registered GNTO number 1039E60000062000), whose registered office is at Mafsolou Str. 133A, Nea Alikarnassos 716 01, Heraklion Crete, Greece.
Your contract includes these terms & conditions and by making a booking with us you confirm your acceptance of these terms & conditions.
1. Meaning of the words used in the terms and conditions
In these terms and conditions:
“our”, “us” or “we” means Dot Travel.
“You” means all persons names included on the booking and taking part in the tours or products.
2. Booking Confirmation/ Accuracy and legal names
Upon your booking, we will temporarily reserve your tour or product on the base of these terms and conditions. A contract between you and us will come into existence only when we have received your deposit (or if applicable full payment) and send our confirmation email to you.
Passenger is required to immediately review all aspects of their booking to verify (but not limited to): passenger names, mailing address, email address, telephone number, date of birth, accommodations, and organized activities on your booking receipt. Please notify Dot Travel immediately if any omissions and/or corrections are needed regarding the booking details. Passenger(s) voluntarily assumes full & sole responsibility for any and all risks and/or costs involved with failure to report such errors and/or omissions. Passenger is required to verify the accuracy of the passenger’s LEGAL first & last names. It is mandatory that guest names be identical to the Passenger(s) LEGAL first and last names and identical to the names as they appear on booking and travel documents.
3. Passports and Visas
Passenger(s) assumes sole responsibility to independently confirm all documentation requirements for all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry and/or travel requirements of each destination. Passenger(s) assumes sole responsibility for and hereby releases Dot Travel from any claims or responsibility for any and all damages incurred as a result of Passenger(s) failure to comply with applicable documentation requirements, including but not limited the requirement that all Passengers procure and have on their person the proper travel documents at all times.
4. Availability
All available dates that appear on the website refer to the arrival date, when the tour or product is eligible to start. You will be provided with all package services as described on the site for the mentioned Duration, Areas of Stay, Hotel categories, Board basis and Vehicle type. One week prior to your arrival you will receive via e-mail the Hotel names you will be staying at (valid for the fly-drive “on request” programs), detailed route directions, trip suggestions and emergency contacts.
Tours availability check is performed by Dot Travel after your purchase is made. The final booking confirmation will be sent to you by email upon successful reservation of your order within the next 24 hours (working days) after your purchase. In case of unavailability for a certain date of arrival you may begin your tour on any other available date within the same price category with no additional charges. In such a case we will contact you via e-mail. You may request for specific dates availability prior to your purchase by contacting us.
5. Special Requests
Changing tour dates can be performed upon availability up to 32 days prior to your arrival. No additional charges will occur for tours within the same price category.
6. Disabilities and medical conditions
If you or any member of your party has any disability or medical condition which may affect your arrangements, please provide us with full details at the time of booking so that we can advise as to the suitability of the chosen arrangements. If we reasonably feel unable to properly accommodate the particular needs of the person concerned, we reserve the right to decline the booking. In the event that full details are not given at the time of booking, we reserve the right to cancel the booking when we become aware of these details. This way, we protect both you and Dot Travel from unpleasant disclosures. Cancellation charges in accordance with clause 09 will apply.
7. Payments
Dot Travel accepts Visa, American Express and MasterCard. Dot Travel holds reservations until “Payment Due Date” indicated on your confirmation. If payment is not received by Dot Travel or before the Payment Due Date, reservations are automatically cancelled. Failure to remit payments on a timely basis will automatically put your booking at risk of cancellation. Please contact us immediately and in advance of your payment due date, if you will be unable to meet this obligation. Without limitation, Passenger(s) voluntarily hold Dot Travel harmless for cancellation of any booking for either late payment or declination of a credit card.
8. Cancellation Policy
Should you or any participant of your party need to cancel your confirmed arrangements, the party leader must directly inform Dot Travel.
All cancellations or no-shows are subject to penalties imposed by the supplier. All cancellations MUST be in writing and sent to Dot Travel by email. Cancellations sent to any other address will not be processed. Upon making the booking, Passenger(s) hereby accept & acknowledge liability for all cancellation fees imposed by Dot Travel and the supplier. Cancellations are posted on day that the complete cancellation documents are received by Dot Travel so long as they are received before 17:30 (UCT + 02:00) on a business day. All other cancellations will be posted on the next business day.
Example: If an email is received at 6pm on Sunday – when we are closed – it will NOT be processed until the following Monday morning. Your cancellation will be confirmed via email when processed.
9. Refund Policy
The following cancellation charges will be payable where you cancel or your booking is cancelled in accordance with these Booking Conditions. Where the cancellation charge is shown as a percentage, this is calculated on the basis of the total cost of the cancelled arrangements.
Administration & transaction costs that apply on your order are not refundable.
a. Cruise Holidays
>60 days prior to sailing 0% cancellation fee
60 – 46 days prior to sailing 10% cancellation fee
45 – 31 days prior to sailing 25% cancellation fee
30 – 16 days prior to sailing 50% cancellation fee
15 – 8 days prior to sailing 75% cancellation fee
07 days – prior to sailing 100% cancellation fee
b. Self-drive Holidays
>60 – 31 days prior to arrival 0% cancellation fee
30 – 16 days prior to arrival 50% cancellation fee
15 – 8 days prior to arrival 75% cancellation fee
07 days – prior to arrival 100% cancellation fee
The cancellation charges as set out in paragraphs a) and b) above apply to all tours, products or services except where a tour or product includes cancellation charges exceed those shown above.
10. Force Majeure
Except where otherwise expressly stated in these Terms & Conditions, Dot Travel and other suppliers will not be liable for any change, compensation, cancellation, effect on your holiday, loss, damage or expense of any nature or description you suffer or incur or failure to perform or properly perform any contractual obligation(s) which is due to any event(s) or circumstance(s) which Dot Travel or other supplier, as applicable, could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include but are not limited to war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, actual or threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire, flood, pandemics, systems failure and all similar events outside our control or that of the party concerned.
11. Complaints
In the unlikely event that you have any reason to complain about any arrangements whilst away, you must immediately inform Dot Travel in order to have the opportunity to rectify the situation. Any verbal notification must be confirmed in writing to Dot Travel as soon as possible.
If you remain dissatisfied, you must write to us, within 7 days of the end of your holidays giving your booking reference and full details of your complaint. Failure to follow the procedure set out in this clause will affect our ability to investigate your complaint, and will affect your rights under this contract
12. Privacy
We use the information you provide to us during your order to perform the necessary reservations. Your information will be sent only to our service suppliers (Hotels, Car rental etc.).
13. Travel Documents
These will be dispatched approximately 14 days prior to departure.
14. Emergency Contact
You may contact us by phone during business hours, (Mon-Fri 07:30-17:30 UCT +02:00)
+30 2810 246700.
Only in an emergency case, you may call 24h +30 694 7020300.

Dot Travel is insured by AXA Insurance contract number:2695421 valid until 31.12.2019 for general civil liability.