September! Is the ideal month to enjoy Greece

September, the summer temperatures in Greece will decrease slowly. Still warm enough to swim in the sea and lie on the beach, enjoy the precious ancient sites, visit magnificent places, walk around without fainting away and avoiding the masses of tourism of the previous months.

An amazing moment of the year! Two months left and the temperatures in Greece will decrease. The end of Greek autumn and beginning of winter which have temperatures of the northern part of Europe during autumn. So, Greece is still an amazing place to visit during its mild autumn and winter months should.

Whereas in the beginning of September, schools start again after 2,5 almost 3 months of holidays. Very logical. As it is so warm that no child can concentrate to do its best. The only thing they think of is sea and the villages of their grandparents where they spent a long part of their summers; or in summer camps for several weeks with the parents visiting them every Sunday.

September is also an amazing month as the harvest of the grapes starts to make the new wines of the year. Yes, Greece has amazing wines for the ones who do not know it!

Should you have been in Greece you might have gotten wine on the table “of the house” in a jar that people made at home. To be honest, this is not the best wine there is. You might be lucky and it might taste amazing! It is really dark ruby red in colour, but unfortunately the quality varies.

The only great part of this is that the wine was made with love and passion and the reason the restaurant owners or people you are visiting share it with you, is that they are proud and are willing to share a part of theirs with you. They want to share with you something for which they did their best for it. But wine making is really hard work as you might know from French, Italian, Spanish or even German wines!

In Greece wine making is a very old tradition. It dates back to the Minoan time, 2000 BCE. Very big wine jars of clay where found in Knossos, the Minoan palace on Crete, the labyrinth, where the Minotaur (half man, half Taurus) lived. Archaeological findings of the oldest vineyard in Europe, unearthed in the area of Kato Zakro. The oldest wine-press was discovered in nearby Archanes, aged over 3500 years.

Coincidentally the area around Knossos, Peza, is nowadays a very fruitful ground for wine making. The landscape there is full of vineyards and some olive groves. Some of the best wine makers of Crete are located in this area, such as Lyrarakis, Douloufakis, Boutaris.

Some good wine makers from the main land of Greece are: Alpha Estate, Bibliochora, Tselepos

Greek wines are different than the ones you have been used to, this because Greece has a very rich grape variety which very often you cannot find in the rest of the world. For instance, in Crete you can find the varieties of Vidiano, Kotsifali, Mandilari, Liatiko, Syrah and Plyto. Tastes you cannot find somewhere else in Greece, so worth every sip and of course tasting them!

On this link you can find more information about the various grape varieties you can find across the country:

Should you want to know the exact tastes and palette of the various wines, then check the next link:

Are you now curious to know more about the Greek wines, taste them and go to the wine makers’ domains, you can always contact us for more information and we will advise you which tour to choose for in order that you get the most out of your trip!

Cheers to you! Jia sas! (Γεια σας)

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