An authentic experience comes right from the heart, right on the start.

Pure love to our Island. It does not mater if you were born here. People, Land and seas are all ready to welcome you. Bring only together your good mood and you will be rewarded.

Have a hand shake with the locals.

Local people will always make you feel like you have been Greek in a previous life, as soon as you show them your warm smile. We may had to pass a lot of barriers through the years but we were always proud and hospitable.

We have been there before.

We live in Crete and we enjoy exploring our Island. We have walked every walking path we invite you to explore. We have crossed every route we ask you to follow. We have swam in every beach we suggest you to visit. We have eaten in every tavern we recommend you to taste.

Every beach another shade of blue.

Vivid blue, calm turquoise & jade green. Every beach has a different color.Enjoy a swim on a pebble beach or rest for hours on the sand under the palm trees.

Variform Landscapes.

Crete is an island where you can have it all. Rocky mountains and alleys, quiet villages and crowded places. Whether you are visiting Crete during winter for Ski, or during summer for sun holidays, you will find what you are looking for.

Vivid Mediterranean taste.

Fresh vegetables right from the croft have supreme taste. Have a visit to a traditional village. Local people cook recipes passed from generation to generation over the years. Taste for yourself.

Liberating tunes.

You may non know the steps of a local Greek Dance but you can still have the feeling. Relax, grab the one standing next to you and you are in the mood.