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With the rise of hybrid workforces and offices spread out across multiple time zones due to Covid-19 and driving forces of globalization, the popularity of business travel programs has soared.

Face-to-face meetings offer a unique opportunity for individuals to develop trust and forge meaningful personal connections, which can be challenging to accomplish through virtual communication alone. In-person interactions are not only a valuable tool for product presentations or deal closures with clients, but they also act as a catalyst for building stronger interpersonal relationships among employees.

These experiences fuel the minds of the employees with the freshest trends and best practices in their fields. Those are the key to unlock doors to professional growth, forging connections and keeping their finger on the pulse of industry innovation.

In addition, when companies venture into new markets, they discover the pulse of consumer behavior, gain insights into local regulations, and unlock the secrets of cultural norms. By comprehending the nuances of the regional market, companies can enhance their probability of success and make knowledgeable choices about expansion or market penetration strategies.

We can assist your company with a range of B2B services for:

  • Business trips
  • Bleisure travel (Blended trips)
  • Crew transfer & Accommodation
  • Ditigal Nomading
  • Meetings, Incentives, Conference, Exhibitions (M.I.C.E.)
  • Workshops

Sustainable Incentive Travelling

Experience the exciting new trend of sustainable incentive travel! More and more companies are joining the movement, integrating eco-friendly initiatives into their travel programs. From carbon-neutral transportation to eco-friendly accommodations, these experiences not only minimize environmental impact but also support local communities. Join us in creating meaningful travel experiences that leave a positive legacy for generations to come!

Our Project

In 2022 we orchestrated an incentive experience for 70 enthusiastic participants, integrating sustainability practices into their journey. Participants engaged in enriching activities such as a jeep safari, delving into Crete's rich history and untamed natural landscapes. Exploring mountain villages, savoring local delicacies and deepening their understanding of the region's flora and fauna were among the highlights.

Additionally, guests indulged in a half-day private sailing activity, treating themselves to invigorating swims and snorkeling adventures. Venturing to secluded swimming spots accessible only by boat provided a serene escape from tourist crowds allowing for moments of relaxation and tranquility.

Accommodation for the duration of the program was thoughtfully arranged in tents set within a picturesque estate nestled amidst olive trees, fostering a profound connection with nature. Embracing the essence of Greek hospitality, guests savored authentic meals prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, embodying the rich culinary traditions of the region.